Do you call out a deck that has no receptacle?

Personally I call out every deck that doesn’t have a wet bar…but maybe that’s just me…:-)))


In summary, a recent supplement to the NEC’s requirement for the locations of outdoor receptacles has been added to mitigate the dangers arising from the use of extension cords. Inspectors should note missing deck receptacles as safety issues.

Note: The content of this article comes from the NEC, not the International Residential Code (IRC), because the IRC does not explicitly address these issues.

Given the number of years since outdoor receptacles were required anyway, I seldom see a deck that doesn’t have one. Recently, I observed such a situation at a townhouse patio. The contractor claimed that it was there - just got covered with the stucco. I’ll stop by and look to see if the ‘found’ it one of these days. Yes, I would recommend one even through our local AHJ is not yet enforcing the 2008 code.

Good Info Nick and although that is something that would not be called out as you say, I would always recommend that one be available for convenience.
Any good size deck needs one for something. Small fridge to keep the beer cold or something. :wink:

“Call out” implies “defect”.

Since the 2008 NEC (like the 2009 IBC and IRC) have not been widely incorporated into city building codes as yet…I would hesitate to “call out” a deck with no receptacle, personally. Electricians have enough fun contradicting home inspectors already.

I inspect all outlets on the exterior of a building, looking and testing for GFCI’s.

I do not call out missing outlets at a deck area.

Relatively new construction, if outlets are missing at the the deck, balcony, patio or screened porch I mention it.

If they are missing entirely at the front or rear or within 50’ of the AC condenser, I call it out as a defect.


The correct distance according to the NEC is within 25 feet of the condensor and on the same level.


Thanks, Jim. Appreciate your input on the board here. :smiley:

Thanks. My bad.

Thanks for the thanks. I just want the see all of you have the correct info to base your reports on.

This board is so much nicer than another inspection site.

another item to keep in mind when looking at exterior receptacles.
Any exterior receptacle installed under the 2008 NEC must be stamped WR.
WR - weather resistant.
Article 406.8 (A)(B)

Just for information, can you give me the code section and which year the requirement first appeared?