Electrical On Decks

Do you call out the Lack Of any GFCI outlets on a deck ?


Only if there is an outlet there that is not gfci protected…

Yes that is obvious;-), I am referring to a new deck that was built and there is no outlet. Would you call it out or possibly recommend adding one?


I mention the convenience factor verbally but don’t write it’s absense in my written report…just what I do…can’t speak for others…

Thanks James…:cool:

Yes… I write no plug on rear deck .
To simple I make no recommendations .

Thanks Roy, that is what I have been doing, just curious what others do.


I would mention it. It’s now a requirement so if it’s new it should be there on older homes it’s an upgrade. Here most of the decks are built at the back door so there is already one there.

I agree with Robert. It is a safety issue most people do not know and even though it is not required I mention the safety issue whenever it is apparent, such as a nice outlet plug right on the inside close to the patio door. It is just too tempting to use as a source for music box, lamp, electric lawnmower ect.
If a plug is there it should be GFCI no questions asked.

Decks are required to have a outlet by current code.

Yuppers, hence why I asked.:cool:


You say new Deck 90~% of the deck I inspect are dangerous and need repairs .
How was this one… Roy

Ahh, well this is a fairly new deck , looks around 4-6 years, but never had a permit pulled and it is quite large. It spans the entire length of the home ~125 feet, and no outlet at all.


Obviously not built by an Electrician.:smiley:

Age has nothing to with it . I have seen 7 done by the builder and every one needed changing .
Every body is an expert and can build a deck just ask them .
I think you would be surprised at all the law suits from bad decks

I don’y know if the building of a deck would trigger the requirement for a receptacle. If the deck was in place or a patio over 32 sq ft, IIRC, and new construction a receptacle would be required.

We are not code enforcement officials Jim but as HIs we certainly are free to recommend installation of a GFCI protected receptacle on a deck regardless of when it was built.

And I thought it was anything over 20 sq. ft.

According to the NEC it’s 20 sq feet.

Doesn’t modern best practice also require an exterior outlet at front and back of dwelling, regardless if patio and/or deck are present?

Yes and available at ground level.