Do you charge extra for crawl spaces

This poll really only applies to those who regularily inspect homes with crawl spaces. Around here, about 1/2 of them do and they can take significantly more time (minimum of 30 minutes more).

I would say on average they take a total of 1.5 hours longer, 45 minutes average in there and 45 minutes average writing up the long list of problems found in almost every one, including new homes.

Some guy’s charge the same for slab/crawl and make a lot more per hour on slab homes, I guess they figure the crawl house’s balance out.

I have a $25 charge for crawls now but will raise it as soon as I see the recession improving.

I charged 25.00 for years, and over the past 3 have raised it to 49.00 Its amazing what you find down there. I let my clients know we find many more issues in crawls than we ever find in basements. Some really suck, but for the most part, their as fun as attics!

Maybe I should charge more.
Had one yesterday with possible asbestos and mold on the insulation.
Need money for medical if I get many more.

Yes, and I never charged less than $40 over 13 yrs ago and charge significantly more now. Most people think I don’t charge enough. It takes me 20 mins just to get suited up so it does add quite a bit to the time involved. I like the little belly scooter someone is selling today to do crawls, just don’t have one yet. That would cut down on time a lot. Keep your tetanus shot up to date.

Agreed…do a great job, be safe and charge for it…it takes more time to do them right.

I like the scooters too but don’t have one…still using the knee and elbow pads. :smiley:

I just raised mine effective tomorrow. Bruce reminded me that the extra time on the job isn’t all—you normally have extra report writing time also. Besides, I’m always looking for a reason to raise more revenue.

Come on Joe, post them prices on the web site like I do : )

A crawl now adds $25. Example: a 2020 sq. ft. with a crawl = $375 paid upfront or $425 at closing.

My prices are higher than yours, Bruce. I don’t get out of bed for less than $300. :wink:

Most guys down here charge $75.00 for a crawl. I charge $50.00.

No, I do not charge extra. A large percentage of homes here have crawl spaces, so my pricing reflects that.
We rarely see slab on grade construction here, but do have split levels, daylight basements, and older construction with traditional basements. Sure crawl spaces do add time to your inspection, but the absence of a crawl space does not necessarily mean that the overall time inspecting will be any less.
In fact I have had some smaller homes take more time due to the number of defects found. Yet the fee is less than a larger home with fewer defects.

Agreed, also part of my consideration is the crawl space is a required item in my licensed state. How do you charge more for a required item? (I use flat rate pricing up to and including 3bed/2bath)

The same way I charge more for older homes, homes a long drive from my house, foreclosures, or homes in disrepair.

Nope, never have. I don’t give a discount for slabs, or finished basements, or brand new houses either. Not that they are always easier…
I do charge extra for outbuildings with their own electrical and plumbing, houses over 100 years old, and giant mansions.:wink:

I charge $39.00 for a crawlspace, but I use a powerful spot light to make sure there are no critters. I do a visual before I crawl under, it’s worth the investment of just 49.00 for a good spot light. But I also will let clients know if anything was discovered for me not to do the crawlspace, and I will note it in the report.

They all seem to balance out for me. About 1/3 crawl, 1/3 basement, 1/3 slab

Can’t call it a complete home inspection without including the crawlspace. Hard enough to get clients to pay the existing price without adding something like that - that should be included anyway. I do not charge additional for crawlspaces or attics. Only time I don’t inspect it is when its too small for safe entry.

Absolutely, I charge extra. There is a pretty good bit of crawlspaces around this area. Most are or have been poorly maintained. Nothing exciting or fun about the crawlspaces.

Rodent poo poo , termites, cockroaches, mold, more mold, chemicals, old house items, debris, more debris, loose crusty insulation, water, tiny sharp rocks that jab ya, disinfecting when getting out, spiders (there are widows round here), snakes, and all the other stuff I look forward to seeing in the crawls.


We charge $45 for a crawlspace. Have done that for 7 or 8 years.

The best part is I put my termite inspector through my home inspection class 4 years ago and since theres no point in both of us going down there - he goes and I charge extra and get paid for that. The only time I go in is if there’s a furnace in there OR if heavy structural damage that he thinks I oughta see to determine if I want an enginerer Or a foundation contractor.

He doesn’t feel comfortable determining which one to refer to in heavy damage.

You send a termite inspector in to do your job? I’d say you’re a lawsuit waiting to happen. Only a matter of time.