Do you know of any kids that need warm coats? We're buying again this year.

Let me know if you are aware of a family with kids that might be down on their luck.

Nice gesture Nick. You may want to check this organization out.

KMBZ radio here does “Coats for Kids” every year right after Thanksgiving. Did you know that one out of every three kids goes to school hungry?

We’ve been doing this every Fall for families who are in need. If you know any families that would like to have their children outfitted with brand new, quality coats… let us help. We’ll buy the coats, ship them to you, and you can deliver them.

Please don’t post any identifiable information on this message board, of course.

I know a single mom in town, 3 kids (the 2 younger ones have fragile-x syndrome, a form of autism). I’m sure she’d appreciate the coats, even in Florida.


Carl, ask her to email me so I can get sizes & sexes. I’ll ship them to you to present. Thanks.

My wife helps with the local Shoes That Fit program. The program helps those that need warm clothing, boots, and shoes. If they are short on donations this year, are you interested in adopting a family or two?

Certainly. Thanks.

Thanks Nick. I will let you know.

Thankfully no, but this is awesome Nick and NACHI.

Nick, PM sent. Thanks for all you do.