Do you know this inspector?

I am not sure if this is a mugshot or what? :smiley:

Radalink had this great booth! We played frisbee for InterNACHI Tshirts supplied by Inspector Outlet!!

That is one ugly mug shot :smiley:

Don’t forget I’ve got a good friend there in Melbourne that I’ll be passing your contact information to for an Inspection soon. I’ve told him how great you all are and I’m sure you’ll provide him with the best possible service.

Take care.

I WON A SHIRT I enjoyed the added fun lol!

Michelle, you should have allowed me to bring water balloons.

Water Balloons could have been fun!

Check out this mug shot! :slight_smile:

Thanks so much to Radalink Jason Moss and Terry Howell for the Great Pics!

If either one was there at the time I made my tosses I know I would have got 3 for 3.

n0 doubt about that

A dunking tank would have raised some serious $$$$$!

Duly noted for next conference!!!