Hot PICs of InterNACHI's 2-day inspection event in Florida.

We had nearly 300 in attendance. Many thanks to Michael Rowan, Kevin OMalley, Russell Buchanan, Schuyler Hellings, Mike Crow, Bob Farr, Cody and Christopher Thomas, and others.




Nick Next picture could use a anti glare Lens , Seems to be a lot of reflection from the lights lolol

Nick, from the angle that was shot from and due to the distance I can’t make out my FABI RPI badge that Russel dared me to wear. Great meeting actually, my hat is off to the organizers (John and his boss) and to the INACHI org. for your efforts making this such an informative and entertaining event. While I didn’t win anything (I never do) many walked away with prizes donated by the vendors and INACHI, feel free to post what they got, you deserve credit for it.

I appreciate Inachi’s support of Florida home inspectors concerns with regard to this difficult time during legislation of the industry. I would like all to know I understand the difficulties involved in finding common ground between the organizations who represent us (inspectors) but reinterate that it must be found. We need to stand together against any attempted assault on our mutual interests in preserving COE standards which are time honored and recognized by many state governmental authorities as essential to protect the public from conflicts of interest.

Great meeting today. Many thanks to all involved. Sorry I couldnt make that afterparty or Saturday.

Had a great time. Lots of great info and free stuff!!!

Excellent meeting today. It was great to see and put faces on so many names. Many thanks to all who made this happen.


I got calls from several guys when they got out of the meeting. They had lots of positive things to say. Great job guys.

Fun meeting. Dayna giving out door prizes.

Now you are just showing off. :wink:

It’s psychological warfare. “Hey, if I join InterNACHI, I can get a girl like Dayna too!” :wink:

Great meeting. Hats off to all who organized a great time.

Ditto to the above and Thank you to all you hard working folks in Melbourne and Nick, Ben and all the staff @ InterNACHI for putting on a hell of a show. I throughly enjoyed the content and meeting everyone in person. GOOD JOB !:mrgreen:

After 2 great days with some of the best Inspectors I’ve ever met and experiencing all that interNACHI is I am considering getting my first tattoo,a NACHI logo:mrgreen:

More PICs.

Nick with Fidel, Jose “Manny” Nieblas, and Mike Meeker.



It worked for me! lol
Tell Dayna thanks for the Patron!
I think.

Isn’t this the last known sighting of Meeker?

LOL ---- I’ll pitch in ---- Wear it proudly!

It was an excellent meeting, and so nice to see all of you!
You’re welcome for the Patron, actually technically thank Nick :wink:

I’m alive. :smiley: I could not believe I did not get one crappy comment from anyone. Everyone I met seemed like really nice people. I enjoyed meeting all of you face to face.

That’s because we’re all back stabbers!!! :stuck_out_tongue: :mrgreen::twisted: