Does Alabama recognize InterNACHI?


The following is stated on this website “Alabama has now listed InterNACHI® as a Category A qualification on their newly revised inspector application”

However, I don’t see InterNACHI listed on the official AL website

Can you tell me if I sign up for the certification program that Alabama will recognize “InterNACHI”?



I dunno, Wes. A QUICK EMAIL TO FASTREPLY@INTERNACHI.ORG may help you. (Sorry about the caps.) :smile:

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I’m an Inspector in North Alabama. I used the InterNACHI courses to help me pass the Alabama Home Inspectors course. I also use the InterNACHI contract forms.

Ken Phillips

CDP Home Inspections

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Maybe your should contact the agency in the State of Alabama and ask the source??


Now why would anybody do such a sensible thing like that?? Sheesh! :crazy_face: