Does Alabama recognize InterNACHI?


The following is stated on this website “Alabama has now listed InterNACHI® as a Category A qualification on their newly revised inspector application”

However, I don’t see InterNACHI listed on the official AL website

Can you tell me if I sign up for the certification program that Alabama will recognize “InterNACHI”?



I dunno, Wes. A QUICK EMAIL TO FASTREPLY@INTERNACHI.ORG may help you. (Sorry about the caps.) :smile:

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I’m an Inspector in North Alabama. I used the InterNACHI courses to help me pass the Alabama Home Inspectors course. I also use the InterNACHI contract forms.

Ken Phillips

CDP Home Inspections


Maybe your should contact the agency in the State of Alabama and ask the source??


Now why would anybody do such a sensible thing like that?? Sheesh! :crazy_face:

Alabama, does recognize InterNACHI.

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Yes, Alabama does recognize InterNACHI:

" InterNACHI is a state-approved provider of free accredited education listed in 355-17-1-.06(a)(1) of the Alabama Home Inspectors Registration Program. "