Does an Electric water heater need Earthquake straps ?

I’m in Calif. where earthquakes are an issue.

Yes it does

Thank you

Contrary to popular belief, the straps are required in CA for tank-type water heaters primarily so that a home might have potable water available after an earthquake. The “fear” of a broken gas line as a result of the quake is secondary.

There is no differentiating between gas or electric water heaters as far as our state is concerned.

CA Health & Safety Code Section 19211. All new and replacement water heaters, and all existing residential water heaters, shall be braced, anchored, or strapped to resist falling or horizontal displacement due to earthquake motion. At a minimum, any water heater shall be secured in accordance with the California Plumbing Code, or modifications made thereto by a city, county, or city and county pursuant to Section 17958.5.