Water Heater Strapping

Is water heater strapping a requirement all over ? or is this a geographical location code?


I know it’s not required here and we get some earthquakes. I recommend it though.

Depends on (1) the codes your area follows and (2) the seismic zone (SDC) where the property is located.

If you are under the IRC, check 1307.2. For UPC, check 508.2

Required in SDC D1 & D2

Thanks Jeff. I have typically “Recommended it” for the past 10 years, and today for the 1st time ever I inspected a master Plumbers home and he said what the Heck are you talking about ? I told him To be honest it is a good Idea but I would check our local areas codes, as he said he has never heard of such a thing (but actually likes the idea…haha).:shock:


I’ve done inspections in the San Francisco Bay Area (high seismic area) and have had people tell me the water heater doesn’t need a seismic straps.

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I could be wrong but I understand that all of California requires them.

You are correct. It’s state law (not just a building-code requirement), just as with CO and smoke detectors.

Water Heaters - CA Health and Safety Code, Section 19211

Smoke Detectors - CA Health and Safety Code, Section 13113.8

CO Detectors - CA Health and Safety Code, Section 17926

Yes they are required in CA, but people still think they aren’t for some reason and some people have never even heard of them.