Does anyone have a good narrative on "slugging"?

Does anyone have a good explanation of slugging as a narrative. The first time home buyers are having a tough time swallowing the fact their A/C cannot be tested.

I think you will find one here

1.Due to manufacturers recommendations did not turn on the AC unit since the temperature was below 65°. Note: Running the AC when the temperature is below 65° may burn out the AC compressor unit.

You may want to verbally add that the purpose of running the AC compressor is to determine if it will cool the house properly. Since it is 25 degrees outside anyway, so run it or not you won’t be able to tell anything if the house gets colder. The simple fact that the furnace is not running with do that.

I have the running the A/C below 65deg language already. I was looking for a narrative going on to say about the refrigerant not vaporizing and remaining liquid in below 65deg temps.

Never seen anything like that. TMI in my opinion, and beyond the scope. I just tell them I didn’t do it and why. If they want to test it during their final walk through that’s up to them, but tell them that if they do, it won’t tell them anything and it may damage the unit.

Due to low outdoor ambient temperatures, the HVAC unit was not tested in the cooling mode as this is outside the scope of this inspection.

[size=2]As the cooling equipment had clearly been shut down and because the weather temperature in the past 24 hours has been below 65 degrees F. I was not able to test-operate this equipment. Operating cooling system equipment which has been “shut down” without proper preparation risks costly damage to the compressor or other components


The home inspector is not required to:Operate cooling systems when weather conditions or other circumstances may cause equipment damage.