Does NACHI advertise gifts for agents?

Someone told me that NACHI has a page that promises gifts to real estate agents for referrals.

Can someone provide a link to this?

Someone lied to you.

Or perhaps you misunderstood…I remember reading (somewhere on this site) that Nachi will supply free handouts for use at Realtor presentations…

NACHI provides many things to give real estate salesmen to promote business…mouse pads, brochures, etc.

Nothing is provided in exchange for referrals.

Jim B: Correct.

Here is the page that is misunderstood by some non-nachi inspectors

Bruce… I think you put up the wrong link.

Here is what you wrote in the first post of this thread:

What do you mean by


Bruce, I found the page regarding giving gifts for referrals and/or paying for referrals (buying undue praise) through preferred vendor schemes. Here it is:,__methinks.pdf

But it isn’t our association that buys referrals or bribes agents for them.

thanks Nick

I guess their excuse is you can explain anything even if its bunk, providing you have a good lawyer or marketing genius to make the reasoning palatable.

The fact is there is a code of ethics to prevent conflicts of interest and fiduciary responsibility. The code of ethics where never intended to prevent the competitiveness of inspectors businesses.

Thank God they are not selling swamp land, and trying to explain it as beach front property!

Ray, I take it you are talking about that little association out of Minneapolis, not me, correct?

You are correct.