What is with NACHI's endless commercialism?

i know this thread is going to ruffle some feathers… but im getting sick of it. this morning i received 6 emails from findaninspector.us for DRUGS! what the hell?! DRUGS!!! and the emails flood in daily from so called “preferred vendors”. im getting kinda tired of it. i understand its done to generate funds for our organization, but at whos expense? and what are the funds used for?

while im at it… how about this “Home Head Start Guide”? have any of you handed these out? whats been the response? i would NEVER, EVER, EVER hand out that pile of junk mail to a trusted realtor friend that i have groomed a relationship with or a client. its just full of ads for these vendors that line the coffers of NACHI.

i joined this group as a new home inspector because i couldnt get much of anything from ASHI. but as NACHI’s member$hip has since DOUBLED, when is the professional marketing going to start? why dont i see anything in realty offices about NACHI? where are NACHI’s print ads? what about exposure to Realtor organizations? just this bag of junk?

dont reply to me about marketing dollar and blah, blah, blah. i have a Media Arts and Marketing BA. this organization has to move upscale to be taken seriously, and this crap just drags us down.

talk to me,
Bob Margiotti

I have received a few but not as many as you say I wonder has some one put you on a false NACHI list .
I am not pleased with the advertising but feel the ones I receive are just a small part of NACHI .
The help and Information received is to me worth some agrivation .
I have belonged to three other Home Inspection associations and NACHI does much more then the Three together.

Roy Cooke

NACHI has been a big help to me

I got two emails yesterday, from a drug company, who got my email from NACHI. Seeing they were spam, I just deleted them. Other than that, I haven’t had any spam caused directly by from NACHI.

One mans junk is another mans treasure…it doesn’t work for everybody… it just works for those who know how to make lemonade out of lemons


Shows us whatcha got !!!


As my father the Pharmicist would say " Drugs are are a good business to be in".

Hey Bob… Relax.
Don’t get caught up in things that just don’t matter. One should not hand out anything to the Realtors they have worked with and groomed, and certainly few Realtors will ever be concerned with your affiliation with one group or another. Something comes to your mailbox that you don’t like, well just block it.
Stay focused on your business, if you don’t no one else will!:slight_smile:

Today, you can’t have a public presence and privacy at the same time, I choose to post my email address & phone number anywhere I can to drive business to my company. The trade off is that I get a ****load of spam, so you have to choose what it is you are trying to accomplish, beaus you can’t have it both ways.

My choice was to purchase spam control software and continue to push my public presence. Try Spam-Bully it is one of the better spam killers.

Oh, BTW I like NACHI too.

I agree Bob. Let’s spend some of those million$ on pumping up NACHI’s image. I just had another (this time loan officer) person ask me if I was an ASHI member. Why? Because ASHI poured money into its branding. It has worked. Granted, very few (agents, etc) ask if I’m an ASHI member, but the fact that some do tells me the campaign must have worked.
I believe NACHI is a much better organization in what it offers HI’s (discounts, MB, etc) but if some of our dues was spent on marketing to the people that hire us or refer us, I think we’d all like that.

Good point!

I sure would like to see NACHI put it’s money into branding instead. A national TV, radio and magazine advertising campaign, and/or a public service announcment would be a big help to us and the industry in general.

Something like; “…and everyone was killed. This horrible tragedy could have been prevented if the home had been inspected by a NACHI certified home inspector. So remember, if your planning on buying a home, get it is inspected by a NACHI certified inspector. If you don’t (…dramatic pause…) you could be killed. (Okay…that may be overdoing it a bit:mrgreen:) This message is brought to you by the National Association of Certified Home Inspectors. Inspected Once, Inspected Right. Go to www. nachi.org for more information.”

Yes, it is expensive, but I’m positive that an informative and well produced marketing campaign would be a big boost for our businesses.

Has this been discussed before…?

Ditto out here in this corner of the world for me.

Yes…and implemented…by ASHI.

I have been very content with my NACHI membership.
The NACHI dues have not changed in the 4 years that
I have been a member, not one $.

Where else can you spend 300$ tax deductable dollars
and get all of the free stuff, including education (thanks
NACHI is awsome and I can’t say enough about them!


I am too, Carla. Very happy. No real complaints, but I do see an opportunity for NACHI to use its resources in way that may help us all. I have thought of advertising on radio and TV myself, and I still might some day, if I can afford it.
My previous post was a bit of a joke… I don’t think we need to go the route that many lawyers have taken…you know the ones…"Have you been hurt in an accident? Call 1-800-I WILL SUE ",etc. But if NACHI could use it resources to put together a well produced (i.e. not tacky) public service announcement, I believe it will raise awareness about the association, inspections in general, and may actually help the consumer.

Just sayin…

Those emails for drugs aren’t coming from NACHI. It sounds more like you have a trojan or worm, and it is using your email and others to spam you.

I had something similar a couple of months ago on two of my email addresses, from two different sites I visit frequently. Turned out I had the sober32 worm, and once removed, it solved the problem.

exactly! im glad a couple people get it. i dont hate NACHI, im unhappy with what the’re NOT doing. a message board, buying up hundreds of websites, trade show displays, training events, continuing ed… its great getting my name out there, but what about where 80% of our leads are generated, REALTORS. i have been a member of NACHI over 2 years and have never seen anything with NACHI on it in a realty office (unless its my brochure). some STILL dont even know what NACHI is!! How!!! (i will admit that this may not be the case in every market)

the free stuff and education is great, and this message board is awesome. but lets be frank, you can take advantage of a lot that NACHI has to offer without even being a member. so, $300 X all NACHI members = a lot of dough. plus the ad revenue generated in that Head Start Guide and selling my email address to whatever website is pushing the drugs, plus ads on all these NACHI websites (have you seen the ad space on myinspect.com). is any of this money being spent on marketing to national realty companies? ReMax, Keller Williams, Century 21, RealtyOne, etc… if so, PLEASE tell me im out of line. im not whining about how much dough Nick rakes in, thats not my point. he is a GUNIUS for what he started.

when i was only a NACHI member i talked it up constantly to realtors and contacts in the industry, trying to convey that as an organization, was equal to ASHI. sometimes i felt as if i was trying to reinvent the wheel. “why not just join ASHI? i dont need ASHI, i have a good organization.” then i started to feel like i was doing ALL THE WORK that NACHI’s marketing should be doing. well, finally i just joined ASHI. and guess what, i dont need to beat the NACHI drum any more. i was excited to see the Head Start Guide. i thought, finally something to market to realtors. until it came wrapped with a free garbage bag and has so many ads, you cant even tell where the useful information is. perception is EVERYTHING in marketing and that is JUNK MAIL with NACHI’s name all over it :frowning: how about an ad in the top 50 markets news papers in the Homes section? Direct mail? local chapters providing continuing ed for realtors. NACHI is more of a ‘virtual’ (web) home inspector organization, the best one realtors never heard of.

oh yea, i had 8 of the$e in my inbox.

A message has been sent to you via www.FindAnInspector.US](http://www.nachi.org/forum/www.FindAnInspector.US) - a NACHI owned website.


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