Doing too many re-inspections lately

What is going on? Are you guys getting an unusual amount of requests to revisit and verify correction of buyers’ request for repair items? Seems lately we are getting a lot of these.

What do you guys charge for a re-inspection? We charge 1/2 the cost of the original inspection, payment made before we confirm the visit.

Yes, I am, more than usual. Especially with first time buyers. I charge accordingly.

It seems that more agents, in my area, are suggesting the buyer request a re-inspection. Problem with that is some agents will tell the buyer the inspector will do it for free.

Is that the agents fault, or some inspectors fault for using it as their USP?

There is no longer any trust for contractors and repair persons of all trades. Many of them cannot speak English, or understand how to repair anything. Any re-inspection request should be handled as a compliment.

I don’t do too many, but my minimum is $100 for any amount. I tell my buyer clients, if the seller used licensed pros, and have documentation from those licensed pros, there’s a better chance its done properly.

No paperwork available, any “uncle Dave” could have done it.

A little over 51% of my inspections involve a re-inspection. I charge ½ the cost of the original inspection, too. The fact that I add the re-inspection fee in with the original inspection fee is a significant reason why my average inspection fee is up at $651.17 over 13 years.

I charge $125.00…

We don’t charge for re-inspections. We do so few of them that it all works out in the wash. It is a customer service thing for us. We offer free lifetime support. People and realtors love it. Yes, sometimes, I the requests are not at the most opportune time. But it generally creates future business when you take care of your folks. Out of 100’s of inspections each year, I only do a re-inspections 8 to 10 times per year and it generally takes me longer to drive to the home then to perform the service.


Ditto for me. One exception. Sometimes the buyer wants a compliance letter. I charge $100 for an addendum, a letter, or anything I have to back to the office and “write up” for the buyer who didn’t hire me the first time.

Starting charging for re-inspections! Your time is money!

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There are lots of idiots that do them for free. It takes a minimum of 2 hours of your time. Why do them for free???

BINGO! My time is worth money, still takes up a time slot, and I have to possibly produce an added report, it isn’t free.