Dominic's SEO training seminar for Houston area?

Any of you guys interested in trying to get an SEO class set up in the Houston area? Dominic has classes for San Diego, Vegas, and Atlanta so it seems like an area as big as the Space City could fill a venue.

Yes for me.

I’m overdue to come to Houston. Maybe we can do a joint meeting with our Texas partners, TAREI?

I’m in too. Just let me know when and where.

I’ll pay for the venue if TAREI will set it up.

On it… I will be back in touch.

Works for me. I was hoping the NACHI/TAREI joining would create some bigger events as the last conference down there I went to barely made 100 people. Lets see how many guys here would be interested in an 8 hour SEO class.

I can throw in a free IR intro class (2 hrs)

We could probably make it a Sat/Sun then. I’ve been giving full 8 hour talks lately (and amazingly no one is falling asleep). Then the other day Nick could talk for a few hours, you could, and maybe one other person . I know Mike Crow would be right there for it and he’d fit well into a 2-4 hour time slot a 2nd day.

This could draw a few hundred people without much effort…IMHO

I’ll participate, but I can’t say I’ll be thrilled to have Dominic come here and show all of my local competitors how to optimize their websites.:neutral:

LOL. That’s always a downside. You just have to make sure you work harder than everyone else on the tips I give! You already have the advantage of a good start, good domain names and good age on them.

I would probably make the trip for Dom’s part.

Agreeing with Kevin.

I’ve been told that Nick is putting together a day session where I’d talk for 2 hours along with a few other speakers (I haven’t hada chance to talk to him yet). I know that most of you wanted to attend the full 8 hour talk that I’ve been giving at other places across the country so I’m looking at staying the next day (Sunday) and doing a full day talk as well.

I’m all for the full day thing myself and wouldn’t be interested in making the trip for less. You happen to be the man we want to hear and I find it funny the thread asked specifically about SEO and now others are trying to jump on the band wagon to peddle their wares. And I ain’t talking about Nick :wink:

Because of the new NACHI/TAREI alliance I understand the desire for an official combined meeting covering different subjects. But I also don’t want to fly & travel for 2-3 days for a 2 hour talk and I know you guys want an 8 hour. I’ll keep you updated as I find out more.

George, I like how you think.

How far is Houston from Dallas?

One hour flight between. 4 to 5 hours driving, depending.