Hello all
Search Engine Optimization
Could someone tell me how to get my web address to my site to also have the top 3 cities around me included.
better for the rating I 've heard.:smiley:

thank you for your help in advance.

Hi Amy .
Look for Dominics computer tips.
If you have template control , keep it to five towns and list them in your site plus try and put them in your meta tags or keywords if there is room.
Tips are in computers and marketing catagoties on this MB.

Hi Amy, there is a post in the Comptuers & Technology board that links to all the articles I’ve written on the forums about SEO. Also check out epsiode 24 like Nick mentioned :smiley:

Listen to Dominic about SEO , TRUST ME he knows his stuff!

Thanks Jerry :smiley: I taught it for enough years, I picked up quite a bit.

Don’t mention it Dominic , I really mean it your advice helped my new site get search engine recognition incredibly.

Cool. I love hearing good feedback. I obviously don’t get paid for all the SEO articles and everything I write for you guys so I really appreciate the verbal feedback. That’s one of the things I miss from being a teacher, so it’s cool to be teaching you guys and seeing your sucess.

Thanks for all the help, Hugely Appreciated!!!

Dom is the man

Hey Gary,

Thanks :wink: Are you going to go to Inspection Universe in August? I’ll be there as a speaker on SEO as well as to have a booth. I was thinking of going a few days early and driving up to Orlando as my fiance hasn’t been to EPCOT yet. Info on the conference is at . It would be nice to see faces of people I know!


Get Dominics name correct ----- Its H A L…

I noticed this is advertized as the 2nd annunal convention.
I don’t recall hearing anything about the 1st one, except that it was cancelled.
Is this one for real… Or just another attempt ???:roll: :roll: :roll:


This isn’t the NACHI convention, it’s put on by someone else and NACHI is just one of the main sponsors/partners, it’s open to all inspectors from any association.

I read an article regarding and links farms. Here is the article:

What is your take on this issue? Is Google dumping

Thank you.

Mark that is very old mis-informed news.
I was edited and booted out of TIJ when I called head propoganda cheif Mike 'o Handjob on his BS.The forum is anti-Nachi, so I suggest you start getting your news elsewhere and not bring links from an enemy over here.
This is from one year ago.

Google isn’t dumping NACHI, nor anyone associated with it. In fact, one of the best things you can do for your site is place a link from NACHI to your website. Many guys have gotten a minimum of a 10 rankings higher just because of it.

The guys on TIJ don’t seem to understand what a link farm is. A link farm is a site that just links to hundreds of other sites on each page of it’s site. has tons of content.

The reason that the Google cache has reduced the number of pages it contains is because NACHI made a change. Before they had several links pointing to the same site. For example they had subdomains like which was actually identical to . Because of this Google was counting all there pages multiple times. Once Chris (webmaster here) realized this was going he went and removed all the subdomains, hence reducing the number of pages listed in the cache for It’s as simple as that.

Thanks for the information. I am new to the industry (as I have stated before) and I am just trying to learn about all the different aspects involved including association benefits. Certainly, didnt intend to open any old wounds or offend anyone. I find NACHI a valuable resource and I have every intention of becoming a member when my schooling is complete.

I highly appreciate the technical aspect and explanations Dominic brings to NACHI and I have implemented some of the SEO advice in his video, well done. Thanks.

No problem. You have to realize that within every group are a set of people who don’t like the other associations. So you have to take things they say with a grain of salt. Other times people are well meaning but just don’t have a good understanding of how things work.

I’m glad you liked the video. Make sure to check out all the articles I’ve posted on here that follow up on it.