Don't mix Soffit and Gable Vents?

Hi all,

I’m watching the How to Perform an Attic Inspection According to the InterNACHI Standards of Practice video and the inspector mentions that “We don’t want to mix gables and soffits” (timestamp 3:27).

I understand that airflow will take the path of least resistance, but why would a ridge vent be OK and not a gable vent, when used with soffits?

Gable vents will work if thy are large enough to give adequate trough-flow of air, but ridge and soffit vents are much more efficient.

Ridge vents usually run the length of the roof. Soffits vents are located directly under the ridge vents. This makes airflow more natural than air trying to find a gable vent some distance away.

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That makes a ton of sense! Thanks!

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You are welcome.