Short circuiting

Ridge vents with gable vents (soffit vents also), yeah or nay?|-The-Short-Circuit-Myth.html](|-The-Short-Circuit-Myth.html)

Yes to get air out you need to get air in

Question is in regards to gable vents used in conjunction with ridge vents.

Many homes I have inspected have both mine included . (soffit vents also),

LOL, that’s nice. However, what are your thoughts this concept of “short circuiting?”
BTW, my house has bath fans vented into the attic…doesn’t mean it’s right ;).

Disagree… did not read the web site but have seen many different ideas over the years I expect same old stuff … Out for the day …

I’m assuming you mean you disagree with the fact that the ridge/soffit ventilation will be short circuited by the gable vents. That’s all I needed/was asking for. I appreciate your input and enjoy the rest of your weekend.

My understanding of the dynamics of air flow tell me that soffits combined with ridge and gable vents will still provide full air exchange of the attic space. Where short circuiting comes into play is when through the roof vents are installed on both sides of the ridge.

Why am I replying to a roofing question in the plumbing forum?