Double cables at connectors

Square D main panel, Neutral wires and ground wires under one connector should be called out?

Second picture, surge suppressor on left side is this properly wired? attached to 15amp breaker. is this only protecting that circuit?

appreciate your input.

Yeah you could call out ground neutral branch wiring. Neutrals should be alone grounds can be as many as rated. That’s wrong in every panel in my area. I don’t get too worked up about it. Surge protector I can’t tell. Good luck

Neutrals should not share a terminal with bare grounds. Bare grounds can share a terminal.

Can’t tell from the pic, but it looks like the Surge Protector is double tapped at the two pole breaker? Some Square D breaker terminals are designed for two wires, you’d have to look at the diagram on the breaker, or on the panel drawing

Square D QO CB’s allows two conductors when in the proper size range.

Read this from SD.