panel review

Hi everyone,
two questions on reporting items in a main panel, Square D panel. First on the ground and neutral buss (see photo) mixed neutrals and grounds (primary panel with no sub) there is a copper conductor crossing the two left buss bars, there is a green bond screw on the right side. Is this Ok?
second there is a single throw double pole breaker on the left side that is only utilizing a single power conductor.
any comments? I welcome all the other obvious faults that you see as well, I did not find any permit on file for the replacement of this panel

My neck was hurting’ trying’ to look at that panel sideways.

lol, thanks I did not even notice.

I see no issues to report.

My question would be about the single pole breaker that has a single conductor, is it ok for this to operate this way.

I don’t understand why it would be this way, but there’s really no issue with it.

Great thank you. I will stick with the other issues, open knockouts, missing grommets, mixed neutral grounds that are double tapped etc.

Can a double be used on two separate branch circuits ?

How about the fact that all the cables enter the panel as a bundle through that 2" nipple on top? I am not talking about the NEC “bundling” issue, which is only a problem if the cables or wires are bundled for more than 24"; That could be a problem too, but we can’t see that, seeing as it’s inside the wall.

I am referring to the fact that none of those cables are properly clamped to the enclosure; This is not the proper way of terminating NM or any other cable that I know.

I have seen it done that way before, but that rings as wrong to me…

The grounded conductor ( neutral service ) is not identified with white tape or other identifying means. Paint splatter- not big issue , slight.

There is an exception that allows multiple cable to enter the top of a surface mounted panel. The concept is similar to the one in this graphic from Mike Holt.

Here is the Article

312.5© ex
Exception: Cables with entirely nonmetallic sheaths shall be permitted to enter the top of a surface-mounted enclosure through one or more nonflexible raceways not less than 450 mm (18 in.) or more than 3.0 m (10 ft) in length, provided all the following conditions are met:
(a) Each cable is fastened within 300 mm (12 in.), measured along the sheath, of the outer end of the raceway.
(b) The raceway extends directly above the enclosure and does not penetrate a structural ceiling.
© A fitting is provided on each end of the raceway to protect the cable(s) from abrasion and the fittings remain accessible after installation.
(d) The raceway is sealed or plugged at the outer end using approved means so as to prevent access to the enclosure through the raceway.
(e) The cable sheath is continuous through the raceway and extends into the enclosure beyond the fitting not less than 6 mm (1/4 in.).
(f) The raceway is fastened at its outer end and at other points in accordance with the applicable article.
(g) Where installed as conduit or tubing, the allowable cable fill does not exceed that permitted for complete conduit or tubing systems by Table 1 of Chapter 9 of this Code and all applicable notes thereto.

GREAT info, thank you, Jim.
Herein lies the rub though:

312.5© ex
Exception: Cables with entirely nonmetallic sheaths shall be permitted to enter the top of a
* surface-mounted *enclosure.

The panel shown here is FLUSH mounted…
Splitting hairs, I know, but a good exercise nonetheless :wink:

As Jim noted the panel would need to be surface mounted before you could use one piece of conduit for multiple NM cables.

I saw the panel was flush. I was just providing information that not all cables are directly connected to the panel and can still be compliant within certain conditions.

That single conductor that is used on the 240V breaker MIGHT be wrong. What size breaker is that? I can’t see the size and what does it go to?

@Russell Hensel: That handle appears to say “20”, and the wire looks like 12 gauge to me, so I think that’s OK.