Double hung window

I have never actually seen one installed like this before.

HPIR 00020.JPG

Matches the Masnonry Frank;)

Instant horizontal slider, bet its really watertight since it doesn’t have proper bottom track with weep holes

To me. This was not a builders mistake, this was a corner cutter plain and simple.

…YIKES! …:roll:

Maybe the house fell over after installation?

Rotate the photo - its fine

You’re right Dennis, looks lot better. :mrgreen:

I was at a home inspection… home was foreclosed on then finished by others

3 Bathroom windows, 2 bedroom and the Laundry Area all had Hung Type windows that were turned sideways into XO’s and/or OX’s

I wrote up the defect… few days later the phone wrang with the seller telling me how many people were up in arms, as “The window is basically the same, just makes it a little more difficult to operate”

I tried explaining position of weep holes / drainage etc… this fell on deaf ears

I was informed that if I was incorrect, I would be held accountable. I laughed at them :slight_smile:

Typical. Sub-standard and unqualified builder makes a mistake and they want to hang the messenger.

“I didn’t mess it up, I just reported that your people did.”