Whats wrong with these windows

Only had this once before, I truly thought I would never see it again. What am I seeing beside myself in the glass reflection :wink:

Window film on wrong side of glass maybe.

No cigar;-)

why are the weep holes on the side… did You tip the house over again ???

Can you really believe that someone installed 3 windows with the weeps on the side. House was built in 2014. I found one window like this about a year ago on a new USDA building. I said at the time I bet I never see this again. Wrong!!!

Good one

Thanks Charley A first for me .

Looks like a slider to me.

Are those really sliders? I bet the sash was not wanting to stay up…

That is correct they were sliders and did not stay in the up position.

Us rednecks we just use sticks to keep them up;-):wink:

Must be a slider unless the weep holes were placed in the wrong location?

Heck, I saw a double hung installed sideways the other day :roll:

I’ve seen them upside down and sideways on newer construction.

Wascally subs find new ways of frucking stuff up everyday. :roll:

and here I was sure You tipped another house over Charley…

In my area, that doorbell button is also 90 degrees off. :roll:


That’s a windowbell button. :mrgreen:

When I saw those windows I had not been on the roof yet so its safe to say the house had not tipped over. Ya could come and help with the roofs I could use a good counter weight.:mrgreen::wink: