Double tap SEC neutral lug

I do not believe it is acceptable to have the SEC neutral and the panel ground on the same lug. Am I correct? Is the issue that the conductors can become loose?

Bond is present, 200 amp service, 1990 install.


No its wrong. That lug only accepts one wire and that is how it is suppose to be evaluated. No two wires are permitted under a lug rated for one wire.

Neutral and ground required to be separate at main service.

That’s actually the only place they can be together

Michael are you saying this is a correct install?

No, they cannot be under the same lug. The lug is only meant to hold one wire snuggly. It would need a double tap style lug to accomodate both wires

The NEC requirement is that the lug listed must be for two conductors. The one shown in the photo is not. Here’s the relevant code section:

The NEC does not have this requirement. The neutrals and grounding conductors need to be bonded at the service. Any panel downstream from the service the two would not be bonded together if in the same building as the service.

However, the picture shown is incorrect due to the lug only being for one conductor.