Neutral and Grounding Conductor terminate under same lug

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I am doing my mock inspections and came across this in a main panel at my grandparents house. Please correct me if I am wrong but, my understanding is that a grounding conductor and neutral conductor should not terminate under the same lug. A neutral conductor needs to be in its own terminal.
(My understanding of the reasoning behind it is) that if the neutral is disconnected, the idea is to still have the equipment ground connected. If both the neutral and grounded conductor are under the same terminal, this doesn’t occur. As well as connections becoming loose.

Are there any circumstances where this picture would be ok?

Thanks in advance.

No unless it is a special lug designed for more then one wire this is not one of them .

Its a twin tap not allowed .

Here is one example of a special lug


Only a ‘single’ neutral may be under a single screw. I say this so it is not confused with “two neutrals” are ok, which it is NOT.

Multiple (varies with panel manufacturer, but usually three) grounded conductors “of the same diameter”, may be under one single screw (restrictions apply per panel manufacturer).

Bottom line:
One neutral per screw- ALWAYS.
Multiple grounded per screw- SOMETIMES (with limitations).

Short answer no. Is this actually the neutral bus? It appears that it may be the EGC bus but you cannot tell accurately from the photo.

Think that you meant grounding.

The above should say grounding , not grounded.

Yup, my bad. Thanks for the correction.

Robert beat ya by 4 minutes. Thanks anyway! :wink:

Thanks for all the help!

Please go to top left ( control Panel ) and put in your information so we all know where you live .
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Thanks for bringing that to my attention. I just added the information. Have a great day.