Double Tapping On A Buse Bar

I was trying to look up any codes on double tapping on buse bars. I looked on the TREC website and such and really found nothing about double tapping. Of course I know of the safety hazards of this. And I know there are panels that allow double tapping, what does anyone think about this? Is there any requirement far as code in Texas, other than just reporting it?


This help?

There is also the neutral wire and ground wires double tapped in the same spot

It’s a violation. Grounded (neutral) conductors should terminate within the panelboard to an individual terminal.

Prohibition of 2 grounded conductors, or any other conductor with a grounded conducter, under one terminal:

2005 - 2011 NEC, 408.41

Two or more EGC’s under one terminal limited by the panel manufacturer’s requirements.

Also the word is “buss” and not “buse”. In addition I expect you are referring to the double-tapping on terminal bars and not the buss bar.