Double Tray Ceiling Crack

I did an inspection on a 3 year old house last night, the MBR had a double tray ceiling, there was what I thought to be a rather large crack for a three year old house at the edge of the lower tray. In the attic it appeared to be the box framing of the double tray attached to nothing, sorry my attic pics didn’t turn out, but see others below. Thoughts?


MBR 046.jpg

The normal settling time for a house is 2 to 4 years. These type of ceilings are very prone to movement during the settling period, especially at the taped joints of the corners.

That’s my vote.

Is it bullnose bead or top angle?More than likely there was not enough mud on the tape when applied or heat has caused the tape to blister. If it is cornerbead then it probably wasn’t properly secured.

Gregg hit it on the head.

Probably used a bead crimper only and no fasteners.

Thanks for all your help.

Bet money on a poor bed & tape joint. Say it and move on.

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