Ceiling crack.

Hi all,
Would be grateful if somebody could take a look at the perfectly straight cracks that, to the best of my knowledge, appeared recently.

I do occasionally hear a loud cracking which sounds like it is coming from the attic, unsure if this is related or normal.

Many thanks in advance.

It looks like drywall tape that has separated and not an actual crack. As far as sounds from the attic, I have them at my house also at night after the attic heats up all day then temps drop at night.

It is called "Truss Uplift"
Google it for additional information…

Mike, thank you very much. Appreciate your reply.

Thank you very much for your reply Joseph, all the best.

Kinda jumping to conclusions don’t you think? The first photo looks like typical tape separation due to moisture or improper application.

Thanks for your reply too, Stephen. Do you think I should get someone to come and take a look or is it not a serious issue?

The wrinkles show possible movement.

Where in the home is this happening?? How old is the home? Has there been any recent upgrades or changes to the home? Are there any other cracks or movement that you can see?? It could be truss uplift but can’t tell from you picture where exactly this is. More detail would be appreciated.

Agree. The gloss paint also indicates this is likely a bathroom, my guess being a recently renovated (flip) application. The wrinkles are from poor workmanship while taping/mudding the joints.

Hi Greg,
It is in a coach house and is in the kitchen/living room.
Now that you mention it, it looks like a similar situation is happening in the bathroom in a much smaller scale.
Nothing has changed at all. Only thing I can think of is that 4 week ago I shut off some of the attic fan vents?

Had got a lot colder here in the UK in the last month. Could this be relevant?

Hi Jeffrey, this is in the kitchen. Nothing has changed recently and house in only 5 years old.

These pictures show what is happening in bathroom.

Roy, thanks for your reply. If this turns out to be the case. Does that mean I need someone to come take look straightaway?

Looks like plaster walls to me. You would not have paper tape on a plaster wall unless it was a repair. Could be truss uplift originally and a bad repair job after the fact. Wrinkling is usually caused by movement or painting the tape after it had already lost it’s bond.

Thanks! saw couple issues like this and didn’t know what caused it.