Double Trouble

Main and Sub

was that one of Edison’s earlier residences Brian ?

:alien::alien: Dang I thought it was a triple-tap but it was just a double-tapped double pigtail.
Picky, picky.

I wondered how to write it up myself John. I will use that the “next” time I come across it.:smiley:

Inspector Lingo “The Main and Sub panels are out of date, and contain recalled parts. The wiring is unprofessionally installed, and will Likely cause problems in the future. Recommend a licensed electrician evaluate” Translation “This panel is crap, Im not sure what they were drinking that day, but whoever did this was a hack. replace it immediately if not sooner.”

Lots of ‘classic’ deficiencies in both the service and distribution panel depicted…all new inspectors should study these pics.

Thanks for sharing Brian.

And to be truely educational, Brian could use arrows, text and such to identify *each and every defect *so the new inspectors actually understand what they are seeing. And to be fair about it, I very rarely see a FP/Stab Lok panel. How 'bout it Brian? :smiley:

And yes, thanks for sharing!!! :D:D

I do not see Stab-Lok panels that often either. So when I do, I write, you have Stab-Lok panels and need an electrician. :smiley:
No Arrows and Text. :wink:

I wrote up a StabLok panel on a condo 2 weeks ago. The seller found an electrician whose opinion was that it had been working for 30 years without a problem.
He actually wrote that the panel was acceptable and he saw no problems!

I see alot of Federal Pacific Panels with stab lock breakers. They are pretty common here and alot of the electricians will state that they are ok. Just make sure your verbage states that:There are many known problems with the panels and the breakers and to have a electrician further evaluate. If the electrician calls it good it is on them. Not You.
There are so many writeups in both of these panels that a electrician should further evaluate the whole system. There is lots of info on line about them as well as Zinsco Panels.


Well, at least they have the stove breaker marked. :smiley:

How I write FP’s up and leave it up to them:
[FONT= ]Federal Pacific Stab-Lok® Electrical panels may be unsafe. See (Federal Pacific)[/FONT]

Which parts are recalled?