Dow caught fire today!

At 1:20 p.m. ET, the Dow Jones Industrial Average soared 585 points, or 6.9%, to 9,036. If today’s gains stick, it will be the biggest one-day point gain ever for the Dow. The **Nasdaq Composite Index **was up 122 points, or 7.4%, to 1,772, and the **Standard & Poor’s 500 Index **had gained 65 points, or 7.3%, to 964.

Directly related to Nick and InterNachi Inspectors !!! :wink:

Maybe so lol. Nick has been warning us all along. Those new to the market are really going to make some money especially if they bought in last week. Those who lost their shirt atleast they have something to smile about again today.

**Dead cat bounce

**It is derived from the notion that “even a dead cat will bounce if it falls from a great height”.

My first thought as well. Better not get to comfortable.

BREAKING NEWS:]($INDU&GT1=33002)Dow Jones soars 650+ points, climbs back over 9,000.

How much GM did you buy? Up 33% today… I’ll be selling mine tomorrow morning as we bounce back a bit…

Hope everyone had a productive day!

Up to 900+

Good for you Will. Glad it worked out. :smiley:

33% UP ? Did you buy it last Friday?

If you bought today you didn’t do anywhere near that.

I decided a long time ago that short term trading wasn’t for me.

I bought Thursday, Friday, over the weekend and today…

You gotta love after hours trading…

Were you active today?

Watching the after hours movement gives you an idea as to where some investments are headed in the next trading session. I’m guessing we’ll have a pull back and profit taking tomorrow after almost a $1K run up in the Dow…

Nope I was last Friday though:D

I was actually quite impressed…until I saw the volume involved…and now I’m utterly terrified:

Dow Jones Industrial Average
4:05PM ET 9387.61 Up 936.42 Up 11.08%
today’s volume: 396,880,854
normal volume: 5,720,040,000

Not even one tenth a days’ normal volume.

Oh my… This rally is not very broad based whatsoever.


Shares: - Vol: 396.88M Avg Vol: 325.53M

Shares traded were nothing like last week, but they were still high. There was 60 million shared of wamuq trading alone (I’ve been having fun with that as I bought at .03).

Yeah, I’m confused too I went to 3 different sites and found three different numbers for volume, I just don’t know if it was a high or low volume day.

shares traded today billion not million.

PRICESDateOpenHighLowCloseVolumeAdj Close*13-Oct-088,462.429,501.918,462.429,387.617,263,369,6009,387.6110-Oct-088,568.678,989.137,773.718,451.1911,456,230,4008,451.199-Oct-089,261.699,522.778,523.278,579.198,285,670,4008,579.198-Oct-089,437.239,778.049,042.979,258.108,716,329,6009,258.107-Oct-089,955.4210,205.049,391.679,447.117,069,209,6009,447.116-Oct-0810,322.5210,322.529,503.109,955.507,956,020,0009,955.503-Oct-0810,483.9610,844.6910,261.7510,325.386,716,120,00010,325.382-Oct-0810,825.5410,843.1010,368.0810,482.856,285,640,00010,482.851-Oct-0810,847.4011,022.0610,495.9910,831.075,782,130,00010,831.0730-Sep-0810,371.5810,922.0310,371.5810,850.666,065,000,00010,850.6629-Sep-0811,139.6211,139.6210,266.7610,365.457,305,060,00010,365.4526-Sep-0811,019.0411,218.4810,781.3711,143.135,383,610,00011,143.1325-Sep-0810,827.1711,206.0510,799.7711,022.065,877,640,00011,022.0624-Sep-0810,850.0211,041.0210,696.3810,825.174,820,360,00010,825.1723-Sep-0811,015.6911,214.6510,763.7710,854.175,185,730,00010,854.1722-Sep-0811,394.4211,450.8110,956.4311,015.695,368,130,00011,015.6919-Sep-0811,027.5111,415.4811,027.5111,388.449,387,169,60011,388.4418-Sep-0810,609.0111,149.0710,403.7511,019.6910,082,689,60011,019.6917-Sep-0811,056.5811,068.8710,521.8110,609.669,431,870,40010,609.6616-Sep-0810,905.6211,193.1210,604.7011,059.029,459,830,40011,059.0215-Sep-0811,416.3711,416.3710,849.8510,917.518,279,510,40010,917.5112-Sep-0811,429.3211,532.7211,191.0811,421.996,273,260,00011,421.9911-Sep-0811,264.4411,461.1511,018.7211,433.716,869,249,60011,433.7110-Sep-0811,233.9111,453.5011,135.6411,268.926,543,440,00011,268.929-Sep-0811,514.7311,623.5011,209.8111,230.737,380,630,40011,230.738-Sep-0811,224.8711,656.6411,224.8711,510.747,351,340,00011,510.745-Sep-0811,185.6311,301.7310,998.7711,220.965,017,080,00011,220.964-Sep-0811,532.4811,532.4811,130.2611,188.235,212,500,00011,188.233-Sep-0811,506.0111,629.6911,328.8411,532.885,056,980,00011,532.882-Sep-0811,545.6311,831.2911,444.7911,516.924,783,560,00011,516.92

Dang all you day traders. I was busy and will be with inspections all week. Anyone want to trade for me? I’ll split profits 50/50 with you.

Nick, Mike L., Dale, Dominic, Will…

$1000 to start with? \:D/


Oh what a beautiful day, not counting my experience at the Mayo Clinic from 6:30 am till 4:00 pm today-----:twisted:

A “G” Ray…better by Fannie, and Freddie----:lol: