How many inspections?


Just curious as to how many inspections everyone is doing in a typical week.



These days = 7-10

If you asked this question three years ago = 20

Ditto. . .

How were you guys doing 20 full inspections per week??? I’d only want to do 7-10/wk with the way I look at the house.

20 inspections per week comes out to about 3 per day. At 3 hours per inspection than comes to 9 hours per day, not counting report writing time and possibly drive time. Dont know how you can do that.

I’ve seen a 25% drop in business since March or so. And this month its in the toilet at about 10% of past Septembers. This is going to get ugly, in Denver anyhow. Kelly

3 per day is an easy fit if they’re scheduled properly. I’ve done as many as 4 in one day.

2 per day is my preference. My reports are complete, except for pictures, before I leave the property. I can upload pictures and email the report in less than 15 minutes.

Jeff, how many pages do your reports generally run?

So the question is, how bad is it getting out there for everyone? I was averaging 30 - 45 a month and doing really well, now its tapering off. Everyone else is seeing that I assume? Kelly

I’ve averaged just over 1 per day since the beginning of the year (1.032 per day if I’ve calculated correctly), which is a nice pace.

Since I’ve recently added a copy of the SOP to my reports, they generally total about 55 pages for a SFH and 35 for a condo/townhome.

Summary = 2 to 7 pages (7 has been my longest summary)
Main Report = 25 to 40 pages
SOP = 12 pages
Conclusion and Table of Contents = 2 to 4 pages

Same here.

I was so busy in 2004, that I was able to schedule my clients according to the location of the inspection. I placed them into my schedule in close proximity to each other. It would take me under twenty minutes to travel to my next inspection. I can compete a typical single family home (and on-site report) in three hours, so some of my days were pretty long.

Yeah, there were times where I was late for some of the inspections due to some homes taking longer than normal to inspect due to the house being a piece of shi+. I can recall contacting a few of my clients to let them know that I’m running late and that I would discount their inspection fee if they would hang in there. I was an absolute mess back then, but I didn’t mind as the money was rolling in.

Well as long as you all invested wisely as I assume you did, you should still be doing fine with that kind of money rolling in back then. It’s like Real Estate. You invest for the lean times and average out your income.

Hey YOU!

How true.

My son was doing real well back then…

I like to invest in what I know best(followed the old rule from warren buffet of Berkshire Hathaway) Most of my money is in my house. I need to find warren and kick his butt.

5 if I am lucky.
The market here is shiat!! Even the best of us are only doing 7 a week.

Windy speaks thw truth…

I ve passed off about 7 inspections to other NACHI members so far in the last week.

Mr Pope,

You are either genius/wizard/super-inspector or a liar. Anyone claims to do 3-4 inspections a day with an average of 55 pages per inspection report is either blowing smoke or an absolute super-inspector. Looking at any house closely requires 2 solid hours of work for anyone who knows the business, and accurately documenting those results cannot be done in less than an hour unless you are a wizard or into cutting corners. And putting out a 55 page report that acutally means something? come on!

Not to mention travel time, the difficulty of scheduling around client/ realtor schedules and actually lining up 3-4 home inspections a day in a down market.

Sounds like someone here is blowing smoke here.

Mr. Hood,

I don’t know you, and it’s apparent that you don’t know me. . .