DR Horton, America's largest home builder, requires InterNACHI everything


At least they are not being unreasonable like other Builders have been.

Note: You may want to redact Claudia’s information off of that letter per item #6 at the beginning.

Is this for brand new homes that haven’t been lived in yet?

Yes. Do you have much DR Horton builds down your way? They’re huge here in the DFW area!

Yeah DR Horton is pretty much everywhere

I’ve been doing DR Horton inspections for the last seven months and they must have just added interNACHI to their inspection list. It was ASHI, they never asked for my credentials and my clients would have insisted I perform the inspections anyway. I was a weekly eyes and ears for a out of state buyer. There was no inspection report until a week prior to closing.

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Just an FYI for everyone, unfortunately, just the InterNACHI drone course alone does not meet Federal requirements. If you use a drone commercially (for any fee/payment), you must be FAA Part 107 licensed. The InterNACHI drone course is, however, a good start toward passing the Part 107 Exam.

O i see now requires along with others.

Nick, Your The King Mate!

Additional links added to bottom of https://www.nachi.org/dr-horton.htm

I’ve been away from the MB as don’t really like the format. Loved the old vBuiltin

Seriously a Drone Certification? This is just getting silly. Some builders are all over the place. Buyer beware when signing contracts I suppose.

They only require the drone certification/license if you are going to use a drone for the inspection. I do not see where that is unreasonable at all since they do have some responsibility in the event of complaints or incidents.

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Gotcha. That sounds better :slight_smile:

DR Horton still seems to be holding on to their incestuous relationship with ASHI. I was approached by a new home buyer last week who is now having DRH build their new home. On the written Purchase Agreement, DRH still stipulates that ONLY an ASHI or a GAHI inspector will be allowed in the subdivision. I promptly told the buyer that everyone has the right to have an inspector of his/her own choosing to perform the inspection. She agreed wholeheartedly. This is the third home that the couple have had built from the ground up over the years. We got on a three-way call to DRH’s office last week and the rep there backtracked and agreed that the couple could use an inspector of their choice as long as the inspector meets the certification and insurance document requirements.
I compiled the necessary documents and emailed them yesterday. I really think that if DRH doesn’t want to incur the wrath of Nick Gromicko, they should update their up-front paperwork to reflect that a NACHI-certified home inspector is also qualified to inspect their homes.

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Just show them the new form that their attorneys and ours agreed to. It is here: https://www.nachi.org/dr-horton.htm


Well DR Horton does not favor InterNachi inspectors in Oakwood GA they have drug me through the mud on a new build .I have been doing stage inspections on a home .that had issues with water getting in running in between walls .We addressed it with them and at they have made me submit new insurance binder every time I have showed up on the property, and the last time they asked for the insurance company to move the date that has been in the same place through every inspection and now they want it moved ,the insurance company has had enough and said that i can’t inspect any more dr Horton builds . They are not inspector friendly at all. I had to advise my client to find another inspector for the last inspection.