InterNACHI now a Florida approved course provider!

Great job!!! Does that mean that all of previous CE credits will count towards licensing?

Do you mind contacting these people and educating them about iNACHI. They won’t allow their clients to use any inspectors other than ASHI. ASHI has a stranglehold on Jacksonville.

Professionals who are interested in working with the Housing Partnership should contact the HomeOwnership Center at 904.398.4424 or e-mail us at

John Richards

Do what we did up here, we offered free expert witness testimony for any homeowner who is suing their agent for steering them toward ASHI or caught steering them toward any other known, no-entrance-requirement diploma mill.

Works great, we don’t have a single agent in my town who will mention them for fear of negligent referral suits, which they deserve to lose if they steer their poor client towards a diploma mill, patty-cake inspector.

It’s easy to stop a diploma mill from eating your lunch, but if you can’t even do that, how are you going to defeat a legitimate competitor? Markets are made to be won or lost. Win!