Drain Issue

Kitchen Double Sink
Garbage Disposal on the Left Side.

Run water into the garbage disposal, turn on the disposal and water blows out of the right side drain.

Aside from that water drains down both sides fine.

I have the same problem in my own sink. GD has too much horsepower for the system. There is probably not a sani-tee that runs the right way to direct the water, so it blows out the other sink

Definitely need a baffled Tee if you use a garbage disposal.

Never understood the purpose of disposals.
They have bacteria,add grease ,make loud noise , use electricity,In Illinois you are not allowed to tap in with a dishwasher drain hose so forget single basins.Just throw the plate scraps in a bag attached to the sink cabinet door so much of a bigger target than a tiny drain opening ]You do not need to worry about bones or anything that should not enter the grinder blades…

You guys nailed it. with the tee fitting.