Removing Garbage Disopal...

What I want to do is take out an old garbage disopal and remove it, and just replace it with drain lines. I have a two basin kitchen sink, and would like to replace it with all new drain lines the side with out the disopal is leaking at the trap so I want to just add all new.

I’m unsure how to go about running the lines on both sides, since I have no other two basin sink to look at to see how the lines are run.

Can I get a kit from Lowe’s or Hardware store that will have all the right lines, washers, and o rings?
Or do I need to piece together my own kit? If so, anybody got any suggestions.

Yes they do have all the parts needed in a plastic bag with illustrations to install on the bag.

Home Depot also.

Wow, quick reply. Happy Thanksgiving.

Do I need two traps, one on each side or can I just add an elbow and connect it to the t-pipe

Yeah, you got it.

One trap.

Should look like or similar to this

Wow, Thanks guys. That is exactly what I was looking for.
I’m glad I found this site.

Thanks alot. I’m gonna be going to Lowe’s today and hopefully it’ll all go smooth.

You da man Dale!!:smiley: