Drain piping on a Dishwasher

Dishwasher drain goes directly to garbage disposal…no Air gap. Is
this ok ?


Here the drain hose would have to go above the bottom of the sink to be acceptable.

As pictured, no go.

Agree with brian though technically it does need an air gap .

It may have a reverse trap built into to the back of the dishwasher on some models but it is beyond your scope to determine that.

“Who wants disposal juice on their dishes”:slight_smile:

thanks everybody

In this situation, I’d still recommend the air gap. It’s such a simple fix.

Where I’m located, that’s about 50% or more of what I see. Some have a high loop up to the bottom of the counter, but most don’t. An air gap is almost unheard of.

Only time I see this as an issue is if the garbage disposal backs up, then the “water” may back up into the dishwasher.

This is exactly the way my own home’s dishwasher is, and in 15 years, and numerous clogs, we have never had a problem with it backing up. (except when plunging)

Worst case scenario is that the owner would have to re-run their dishes.

David, we as home inspectors should avoid falling into the trap of telling the homeowner how to do repairs.

“The dishwasher discharges without a visible anti-siphon valve or high drain loop (where the drain line rises above the sink drain and is securely fastened to the underside of the counter)…An evaluation and service by a licensed plumbing contractor is recommended.”

Installing a dishwasher drain line without a listed air-gap device is a prohibited practice in the state of CA.

Illinois allows a high loop, but not direct connection to disposal

Here it would need a high loop or an air gap unless the dishwasher has a built in high loop.

How many times have we heard the old “never had a problem”

So you never write this issue up? :twisted:

I never had a problem with my short down spouts or 40 year old furnace either.

Did I mention my car tires have no tread but never had a flat.

Section 890.770 Dishwashing Machines

a) Domestic Dishwasher (Private Residence). When a domestic dishwashing machine drain line is connected to the house side of a trap from a sink, the **drain from the dishwasher shall be carried up to the underside of the spill rim of the sink. **Dishwashing machines shall discharge separately into a trap or tail piece of the kitchen sink and shall not connect to the food waste disposal unit

Section 890.710 Food Waste Disposal Units

a) Installation. Food waste disposal units shall be trapped separately from any other fixture or compartment, shall be connected directly to the sanitary drainage system, and shall be properly vented. Dishwashers shall not discharge into food waste disposal units. Units may have either automatic or hand-operated water supply control. (See Section 890.1130(a), (b) and ©.)

There is the answer.

No I don’t. If I did it would be in virtually every report.

Like I said, worst case scenario, you have to re-run the dishes. Not a major concern.

I recommend you put it in every report then.
I also find kitchens with no exhaust vent or charcoal filter associated with a rangehood which I could choose to ignore at many Inspections.
The list could go on and on but why bother as clients could care less about these things …right :shock:

I mean door pads not on cabinets are just noisy and door stops are only needed if you do not put a cast iron dog behind them and do horizontal closet door really need guides ?as all they do is stop them from flapping So.

Some people are just too picky,but I am one of them.

Recommendation noted…

Seriously Mark the potential is there for contamination if it does back up onto the dishes and you are unaware.
You may have got sick one day and it was from some rotted cr-p that you never knew about.

Do not mean to yank your chain but I had a long drive today.

Does there need to be a high loop (in my area is is permitted) when the DW doesn’t connect directly to the disposal? See the attached pic. DW has no high loop, connects to the tail piece on the left sink.

082609 077.JPG 082609 078.jpg

082609 078.jpg

I do not believe so Joe, but I am not positive.

Joe I used to install these every day for Sears and I can tell you that some have it built in ,but since you do not know which,it is an easy fix to have them tie it up high under the counter.