Drill Here, Drill Now, Pay Less!

What say you?


I heard something about Brazil found two oil deposits off their coast so rich, they could turn their contry from an oil importer, to an oil exporter. But in America it’s against the law to drill off our coasts. Good thing China doesn’t follow American law. Cheaper products for me to buy from WalMart!!!



Hell do you know what the ‘stragtic oil reserve’ is? The US imports oil to pump into the ground? We have American oil already in the ground!!!

America, held hostage by 535 idiots, most ex-lawyers.


Newt really helped our current energy situation when he was in congress and not busy cheating on his wives.

First he’s an idiot. A sucessful one, but like a broken clock he is right twice. Once trying to get permission to drill in Anwar (14 years ago) and now.


P.S. To his defense, when he was speaker, oil was so cheap, when Clinton veto’d ANWAR research/exploration, how many American’s complained about it?

Want change?

I always vote for the person who is not in office. Do not vote for the incumbents.

An excerpt,

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Wonder when anyone in Congress actually filled up their own car with their own money!? :shock:

If anyone has a link to the individual votes on this I’d love to see it.

With all due respect, that is silly. What if the incumbent Senator sponsored numerous bills “for change” that did not become law?

It may sound silly but I understand the frustration that brings it about.

As far as I’m concerned, any 535 people who are not currently tied to the D.C. culture could do a better job than the current chair warmers.:slight_smile:

I too understand the frustration, however that is no reason to vote blindly for anyone who is not currently in office without knowing their stance on issues that are important to you.



I think you could select 535 people of moderate intelligence and they would come up with more reasonable legislation and policy than all the prima donas we have now.

Do I sense a poll developing? :wink:

No time the rest of the day for a poll. But go ahead.:smiley:

Done. HERE

Lets see if there are 535 ready to vote!