Fuel Prices

I’m bringing up this topic that affects HI’s and every other person in the country because we need to stand up to the enemy. Several weeks ago I watched a news program about Hugo Chavez’s meeting with that lunatic Iranian dictator to discuss raising gas prices against their mutual evil imperialistic enemy the U.S.A. while he calls our president names and makes thug like sexual remarks towards Condaleeza Rice and he purposly shut down many of his **Citgo **Service Stations to try to harm our economy. I call on every American to stop supporting our enemies! If you have a citgo card tear it up, Don’t shop at any citgo station or truck stops or stores period. If you do then don’t say a word or complain one single bit when the price on everything goes up! Also call your congressional representative and insist they we stop buying from Venezeula.We can replace it with oil from northwest europe or better yet right off our own shores between Florida and Cuba, why not the chinese are starting to drill for it right now. This man is taking freedom right out from under his own people by taking their privately owned business’s away, why should we stuff his pockets. Sincerely, Concerned :mad: :mad:

I also heard he is changing the name of Citgo to Petro (I believe) because many Americans were boycotting Citco.

As as side note to that, our wonderful State of Florida has Citgo gas stations a the rest stops along the Turnpike.

Hey thanks I have’nt heard about the petro thing. Call your reps and complain. Ken

I agree with Ken regarding the boycott even though I do not beleive it will have an impact except to make me feel good.

As for the changing of the name, I always go to http://www.snopes.com/ to find out about a legends validity. Has saved me from going off on a tangent when I discover it is invalid. Put that address in your browser favorites folder for future reference.

CJ Morris
Capstone Home Inspections, LLC
Marietta, GA