Has anyone made an equipment purchase from drillspot.com? They have the Flir b60 listed for $6995 which is $1000 less than other dealers.

Buy it quick if you can. Some insider information has told me they will not be carrying FLIR cameras much longer. There are other FLIR units they are advertising at 12.5% off list.

They are not a legit distributor but they do have them. Meaning they are buying them from another distributor which will probably be getting pulled very soon for selling the cameras “sideways”. All infrared manufactures are cracking down on this type of activity.

I do not know how true this is, but I have heard they are a Chinese owned company that basically carries everything. I know if you google just about any item that can be bought it is usually listed on drillspot. I think their original goal was to become Amazon without the selling fee.

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I bought a heat pump fan to have for a spare from them, it showed up with a label showing that it came from Grainger. I saved $125 off the only other internet source I could find for the exact replacement. Awesome website.