Drone's for roof inspections

As long as they are Class G (which they are unless theirs another airport with different airspace) you’re fine to fly with no notification to a manager. See and avoid is the rule in Golf.

well signed up today and went to the local FBO and got a sectional to review, driving up and seeing all the GA planes made me miss flying lol…test is next Wednesday so hopefully I remember enough

give me a week or so lol

Good luck with your test Mike.

I took my second test and passed it last week, I just finished the application processes in the IACRA system and hopefully will be seeing my license soon.

thanks and congrats…anything in particular jump out at you…reading the study guide it cracks me up some of the stuff they mention (its very real, and important stuff with a actual airplane but with a dji phantom come on lol) but I get why they do it

They’re getting smarter when it comes to administering the tests. For me, the second time around was completely different the the first, many questions had the same answers just asked in a different way.

They covered a wide range of topics from a question about a rudder to AC performance questions to reading TAFs and determining the weather on a certain day at a certain time to reading charts with questions about MSL vs AGL & MOAs and restricted airspace with a few questions about flight vectors.

There are also questions on the rules & regulations such as what a visual observer is allowed to do and if the PIC is responsible for safety , maintenance, etc…

The worst thing I found is that they try to trip you up with many of the questions, so if I had advice to give it would be to of course study, followed by take your time and you should do fine.

Will do thanks

just took it and got a 90…I left for the test thinking I should get a 85-90 all day long, I spent $100 and took an online course from Remotepilot101 (wife who has 0 aviation knowledge and background sat next to me to learn as a newbie) and thought it was well worth the $100, it was a great refresher for me and the wife learned a bunch. Was between 9-12 hrs in length I would guess (we broke it up over 3 days and stopped a lot to talked about actually pilot stuff from my past) and on the final exam for that course I got a 95. Today I read the FAA study guide just as a quick refresher, I went into the test full of confidence thinking that it should be simple (the online test took me maybe 25 mins for 60 questions) and thinking the wife could probably get a 70-80+ as she learned the online course material very well and the course made it sound like they covered it all…I must have had an updated test lol, it took me right at 40mins but a good 12-15+ maybe even 20 questions on things that my wife would have never heard of or known. I reviewed the 6 I missed, 1 was just my error, I 100% knew the right answer not sure how or why I picked what I did, 1 I thought I remembered the answer from my flying days ( and I did) but since I had not seen or heard it mentioned on anything recently I figured I was remembering something wrong (what happens to the airspace at a class D tower controlled airport when the tower is closed) another 1 I knew but hadn’t thought about in a while and when I saw that I missed it I remembered the correct answer. I don’t remember the other 3 questions but I didn’t miss any questions that had me reference the supplement (maps and weather). I only had 3 questions regarding reading weather reports (was hoping for 50 lol)

That test was a lot harder and made me think/ stress over questions a lot more than I thought I was going to

Congrats on passing the test Mike. :smiley:

thanks but really congrats to you, that would be a real %^# of test without a background in flying

Thanks Mike.

If you’re thinking of taking the test, I highly recommend this book: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/1619544687/ref=oh_aui_search_detailpage?ie=UTF8&psc=1 .

I passed my UAS Remote Pilot Test on the first try using this book alone as a study guide.

Just received my Temp Certificate today. So now I’m now legally able to use my drone for compensation. :smiley:

I, Like Mike, also signed up with remotepilot101. There are many things to like about the course but IMO the best thing is, you pay once for a lifetime membership, so in 2 years when I need to re-take the test they will be there for me.

The book is by far the cheaper way to go but the rules are changing and will continue to change, and IMO it won’t be long before a book could be inadequate or even obsolete.

Just got this the other day: https://remotepilot101.com/big-changes-coming-to-part-107/?inf_contact_key=97b03bc239e1fb250579041be1e32901f2962cc90b049aab59510a0260349274

Doug I am interested in the study material. How can I contact you? Your profile has no contact info. Thanks

Plenty of study material online. Ask Mr Google