We applied to FAA for a Section 333 exemption for InterNACHI members to use drones.

We expect InterNACHI members to be granted an exemption to use drones on inspections.

Stay tuned.

You are non stop.

Wow that would be great, thanks Nick!!

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Was wondering how long it would take for you to try that…


Awesome! Thanks for everything you do for us.


Wow! Great and “Thanks for working for us!”

WOOT, that’s great.

Yes great news keep us updated i have grounded mine mostly , How ever it sneaks out once in while

This could be the greatest thing Nick and InterNACHI has done over anything else.

nice work

Wow. That’s great news. I just posted an article regarding this issue last week on my Facebook page. I realtor was first to be granted an exemption.

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Awesome! Thank you

Thanks Nick.

This is big news, I’ve contacted the FAA about obtaining an exemption and it appears to be a pretty big challenge to get through the paper work and application.

Think of all applications we could use UAV’s for, residential, commercials and local governments. Not to mention the saftey factor for the inspector in questionable condtions or things out of reach. :smiley: \:D/


And that is exactly why it won’t happen. Do you honestly think the FAA will issue a Blanket Exemption to any Organization that cannot positively vett it’s members? Heck, I can think of a few posters right off the bat that already belong on the “InterNachi MB Do Not Fly List”! :stuck_out_tongue:

FAA: Mr. Gromicko, can you assure us that Member J. Jonas will not use his Drone to fly into tall buildings, other than the fact he operates in the corn fields of Minnesota, and it would run out of fuel before it reached anything taller than a silo?

Gromicko: Well, he did pass our Online Examination.

FAA: And then?

Gromicko: He signed an affidavit saying he wasn’t a criminal or anyone ‘bad’.

FAA: And then?.. :roll: