I have been thinking of doing my roof inspections with a drone but feel it just won’t be the same as being up on the roof. If anyone has used one/is using one, could you tell me your thoughts on whether or not it’s a good idea and if so what a good one would be for a novice pilot? Any help is greatly appreciated!

I just took a class on drones and asked the instructor what would be the best bang for the buck for inspection applications. He recommended a phantom 3(china) or 3D robotics(USA). They are not weather proof which is the only drawback. We test flew a model made for the government. $15,000. It had infrared and 3 cameras. The thing was awesome and could go 80 mph.

I am thinking of adding one to the toolbox; however, think I would still go up on most roofs to see it up close. I am curious to hear from others that only use drones, cameras.

Don’t forget the new FAA rules are now in effect as of Monday.


Also, if you would like to discuss liability and hull coverage on your drones feel free to give me a call.

Thanks Troy! I appreciate your thoughts.