Has anyone changed the way they do their inspections due to the drought, whether it’s not testing sprinklers, running water shorter than usual, etc.

I have cut back. Use to flush toilets 4 to 5 times, now just twice. i only fill shower pans half way for shower pan tests. I stopped testing sprinkler systems a couple of years ago.

Hope this helps.

Did you look out the window this morning?
I test the irrigation system. The drought won’t be forever, and buyers need to know if these things work.

I feel really guilty about filling up a jet tub.

But I still do it.

I know it would be a dis-service to your client but could you state that it was not tested due to the drought?

Heck, they’re painting dead grass green now, over there. So I’ve read.

But then I wouldn’t have discovered one jet tub had a drip leak at the equipment.

Or that another jet tub had a MAJOR leak in the drain pipe.

And yes, there are now services here in Los Angeles that will come out and paint your dead grass green.

I disclose that the irrigation system is not tested or part of the inspection. Irrigation systems are in need of constant maintenance. it could work fine today and have various issues by the time the client takes possession. I have less issues now that I don’t include it in the inspection. the client can test or have the home owner demonstrate operation.

That all said, if I see something obviously wrong, even though I’m not testing the system, I note it in the report but remind the client that the system is not tested.

I personally have not changed the way I inspect because of our drought and the only part of the sprinkler system I inspect is the sprinkler control valve(s).

It seems that our state is in a drought 8 out of 10 years. The other 2 years seems to bring excessive rain fall and flooding.

Thank you.

I generally shy away from testing sprinklers for this reason, but I hadn’t put it into the right words.

I know from my own sprinkler system, they need constant adjustment. Dirt in line, a wrong move by the lawn mower, the kids being kids, or what have you can mean needing adjustment, or a trip to the hardware store.

I often by my own sprinkler parts in bulk just to save gas. lol.

Did this exact thing for my mom. The front lawn is dead and crunchy.


What kind of paint is that?

It isn’t paint. It is a turf colorant called Lawn Renu. Got it at the local Ace Hardware. $50 for a gallon. I mixed it at 8 oz for 2 gallons instead of the recommended 16 oz which seemed too dark. Applied with a 2 gallon pump sprayer, two directions. The lawn is about 65 x 65. Have about a quart left over for touch up. My sister just did the same thing at her house in SB.