AB-2371 Water use efficiency: landscape irrigation

Another bill that directly affects home inspectors.
Bill Text - AB-2371 Water use efficiency: landscape irrigation.

Would essentially require a home inspector to inspect the irrigation system if asked to do so.


Which, in itself, doesn’t sound bad, until you read the rest of the bill that implies (though doesn’t specifically state) the inspection would


It’s all a lot of vagueness.

May include? As in, may not include if asked?

And how the heck does one test the efficiency of an irrigation system? We’re not arborists.

Not to mention, irrigation systems need constant maintenance.

I read it as “if the prospective homeowner elects to get a home inspection,” as opposed to “if the prospective homeowner asks you to inspect the irrigation during the home inspection.” Either way, very vague.

A person almost needs a law degree to live in California nowadays, crazy stuff.

I would imagine a “non invasive inspection” would only check for leaks/backflow prevention, and observe the spray pattern of the sprinklers/irrigation heads. Oh joy…

Well, it passed.

So now home inspectors are encouraged by law to inspect irrigation systems.

Not a peep from InterNACHI on this.

Though it seems like it doesn’t take effect until 2020.

Same old, same old for good old CA. How many members? How much representation?

Yep. I and likely others probably find out more about legislation or other stuff impacting us as inspectors from other org’s emails than Nachi. I’ve asked about this… as Nachi has a HUGE number of Cali inspectors.

Next year a member will jump on here and go “hey, did you guys hear that we’re supposed to inspect sprinklers now?”

That other.org does a good job of keeping up with California stuff, and informing it’s members.


Even though they still run things a little backward in my opinion, they are at least up on every proposal and bill.

If we lived in Florida it would have been taken care of.

It seems like the only time InterNACHI communicates with California inspectors is to brag about how many members there are. Actually representing us or at least helping to provide clarity on how we should proceed with some of these new laws would be much more helpful.