Dryer Vent termination

My first time seeing this, but I’m guessing it is a common sight to some…how to write it up? Colorado is a very dry climate…the laundry room didnt’ show any signs of moisture from this vent. But it is a fire hazard if the lint screen doesn’t get cleaned and there is lint build up in this…errr…box yes?


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Hi Tony,

Yes, the dryer vent should terminate outside of the property, and should have no restrictions that would cause a build up of lint. I usually recomend a smooth wall rigid duct for upgrade.




Yes call it out. Should vent outside, moisture problems, fire hazard and allergies. Lots of dust and lint in the air.



Look at the lint build up on the walls. What’s the allergen content like for the rest of the house? My nose is itching just thinking about it.:slight_smile:

I have a narrative that prints automtically with each report, which your welcome to have, and which reads as follows:“Faulty dryer vents have been responsible for thousands of fires each year, hundreds of injuries, and even deaths. The safest vents are smooth-walled metal ones that only travel a short distance; all other types should be regarded as suspect and inspected bi-annually to ensure that they do not contain trapped lint that harbors moisture and retards drying time.”
As I say, this prints automatically, and I have several other narratives with which to describe a particular vent or comments on its condition.

Hi. Gerry, hope you are fine.

Exhausting the dryer duct outside the property would be quite a task if you have two acres. ha. ha. got you!


Best regards. :smiley: :slight_smile: :wink:

That’s what I was thinking when I read his post Marcel. :stuck_out_tongue:

I mean, I live on 15 acres. :shock:

“Recommend that the dry vent be terminated outside so that birds can have adequate nesting material in the spring.” :wink: