Drywood Termite treatment with IR help

This was a kick in the pants. I treated a home today for Dry-wood termites and used my application of cold compression injection and these Images came up showing the direction that the termites had gone.

This is an amazing tool for these kind of treatments.

Just had to show these images. With the IR Camera for this first time we can see what these little guys are doing inside the walls. And by knowing what they are doing and there direction they are going in we can make direct treatments for the control. I was able to save this home owner over $ 5,000 in fumigation cost.




That’s great stuff.

Hey Ron, cool pictures. But I have to ask. Did you perform a WDO inspection and then provide the treatment?

Yup…:mrgreen: State Law need a contract first…



Just asking because of all the controversy surrounding this kind of work.

What controversy ?



The NACHI coe, where have you been.


I must have mist all that… I think I was out Inspecting homes for termites and treating them as a good Structural Pest Control Inspector should be doing instead of getting involved in an endless debate over an Issue that has nothing to do with me. :mrgreen:

So back to the termites in the wall. Unless you want to take part in the endless debate over an issue that has nothing to do with termites in a wall. You may want to add your comments to that post and not this one.
But do as you will. I always love to see people doing what they do.:mrgreen:

But you must admit these are some very cool IR IMAGES… I just love working with my BX320 and exploring new ways to use it.



Those pictures are very cool, what’s the resolution of the BX your using

320 x 240

Ron, what do you use for "cold compression injection "?

Dave, do you know how much that camera goes for?

$ 10K… I think you can still get FLIR to build you one.

I saw a BX320 On ebay last week I think it was like $ 8K They are a very nice camera for home inspection/Building Bis…

You would be best off to just get the T400 now. I think they are around $ 12,500 new.



Any thing cold will work. DUST OFF. Turn the can Up side down. or just cold water.



Thanks Ron. I have CO2 laying around! (or R-12 :shock:) :wink:

Peter, I have seen them way down in price when the B-400’s came out.
Check around.

I’ll sell you mine!

Thanks Dave, I want a camera with better resolution but I’m not sure if I should buy a camera or get more training first. Tuff decision!!!

Go get the camera. it will move you forward.



Hey Ron, I’m leaning that way. After three years of thermography I think my best option is a better camera, but education is very high on my list too.


PS I love they cold air injection.

That is really neat and I also like it because it could be utilzed as a tool to determine the extent of damages to some degree. I wonder how well (by comparison) it might work on subterranean termite infestation as a means of determining the extent and locations where a hole might need to be made in wall coverings to determine the end of infestation and damage.

Ron, do you inject the treatment into the wall and if so is that visible in IR?