Dual Dishwasher hookup?

Two dishwashers into one garbage disposal with a tee. It would appear that one or the other would backflow each other based on this type of connection (Tee). Would the air gap/loop prevent a backflow? Not sure how it would be corrected.

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Well, if this is something that you want to “fix” you can install an air gap device on each of them, ahead of the Tee. That would eliminate any chance of backing up from each other and the disposer. If it’s a double sink, one can discharge below the other basin.

The way the the Tee is oriented the discharge lines will hold water from the disposer and grow nasty stuff in them.

Per installation instructions, not allowed to connect drain lines from other devices to a dishwasher drain hose.

just google dual air gaps

you really dont need to know how to correct it, just refer to a plumber to repair

Totally wrong.
Will not handle volume of both and most likely no air gap or high loop setup.

There’s the only answer you need.

Precisely, when lost in any situation call a professional to do the job. It will save you a few headaches in the long run.