Duct Fabrication Equipment for sale

[size=2] We are a commercial company in Canton, MA. We have been outsourcing our duct fab. for awhile now and have decided to sell of the machinery we have in our shop. If you have any inerest please look at the list below and contact Bill @ 781-821-1511 ext 16. Thanks.

Equipment was appraised by an independent adjuster, prices are negotiable.

Wysong 10’ x 16g air shear $10,000
Lockformer Snaplock machine $3,500
Engel 10’ bendall brake $7,500 or as low as $5,000
4’ x 22 gauge box brake $400
Powered circle cutter $2,200
Lockformer 24S bandsaw $2,400
Lockformer 16g x 60” power beader $3,000
Engel shopmaster talble with notcher $8,000
Old Engel S machine w/ pitts and 3 in 1 $3,000
D&K S816 8’ brake $2,200
Lockformer 20g Pittsburgh w/ pipelock $2,500
Older 3’ roller w/ stand $300
Pexto 3418 power roller $2,000
Small wells bandsaw $300
Kidder 68B hand V notcher $380
Lockformer Standing S barslip machine $5,000
Used Ruoff notcher $1,000
Townsend rivitor $2,000
Small power pipe beader $350
Tubular rivet machine $500
Maplewood power roller $500
Maplewood gang punch $600
Whitney punch w/ louver tooling $500
TK hand flanger $200
Wood table with stake plates and some stakes $750[/size]

I am interested in the lockformer - 60" duct beader. Please call me 732-865-3162.
Thank you,
Larry Schaeffer