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Hey all,

I’m trying to get a better sense of how our members interact with E&O providers. What do y’all look for when choosing a provider? Is it just price, or is it more than that? What do you like about your current provider? What don’t you like? Etc.

Really any feedback/thoughts about E&O would be useful. Particularly, I’d love to know what changes our members would like to see in the E&O industry.


the provider should never settle a claim without the inspectors consent. This is #1 complaint I have heard from people using E & O.
When a claim is settled in a plaintiffs favor, (usually because paying out is often cheaper than fighting a case) it hits the inspector’s personal credit report similar to a collection agency reporting. (no clue why and it makes no sense, but I lived it. a client sued me for 5400. the judge ruled I owed 1400 , with zero explanation of why, I paid it immediately, yet took a hit on my credit score)

I like that I can text my insurance rep. I only deal with people I can text.

I don’t like that he doesn’t cover all of my business endeavors, and I need to shop around for different products, like dewinterization for example.

: Abandoned Heating Oil Tank
This happened many years ago to my Son .
Gas furnace 6 years old .
Old abandoned oil tank in Corner .
He wrote it up hard .In more then one place in his report .
Old oil tank needs to be drained and removed immediately by a qualified person .
About a year+~ later he got a letter as he was being sued ,the previous owner and both agents also where sued.
The home owner with a couple of his friends decided to take the tank out them selves with out draining it got part way up the stairs dropped the tank broke the spigot and oil all over the floor .
He went to his insurance company and said do not settle they where told at the inspection how serious this old tank was and twice in his report .
He later gets a letter from his insurance company stating how they had got him removed from the law suit and that it had only cost $5,000;00 .
So he had a $5,000;00 deductible so he was the one who paid ,The insurance was not out very little .
Now when his insurance came due they increased his policy cost as he had a claim the previous year .
This post is from memory .

From Abandoned Heating Oil Tank - InterNACHI Inspection Forum http://www.nachi.org/forum/f79/abandoned-heating-oil-tank-97340/#ixzz3rIKsRPK9

I carry a million on everything thru InspectorPro.
Includes all I do with mold, pool/spa, termite also.
I make sure my deductible is only $1500.

Only once in all these years there was a legal demand letter. I sent it to them the next day.
I got a phone call & email day after that.
They had an attorney reply & ask for a big shi. list of facts to support the claim.
Never heard from them again. Probably because it was a “shake down” ridiculous
claim the company & I weren’t falling for.
I feel they were there for me with no additional fee.

I suggest lower your deductible so you do not take the chance to get “thrown under the bus”.
Agree with Robert - no settlement without consent!

Chris, I think you might get a better response if you move this to other areas of the MB?