Easy Peasy Undercabinet Lights

Undercabinet lights.
Hot glued a couple of 1/2" spacers behind the light to make wiring easier then used my cabinet jack to hold it in place while I screwed it in. Couldn’t be easier.

Led is what I will do shortly when the airport finishes their noise mitigation stuff :slight_smile:

I replaced 10 year old halogen with xenon. Did not like the LED color.

I like LED, but not in the kitchen.

One plus with the xenon, keeps the peanut butter soft in the cabinet during the winter:mrgreen:

What did you not like about color? I do not like the soft color. I prefer daylight look, real white.

I have converted likely 90% or so of the house to led and at least feel like I am saving money. I get them when on sale or clearance. I have got them $.01 and free but some like bathroom replacements normally $25+ for $5.99. The bathroom halogen 2 peg replacements are normally real expensive but if you keep your eyes open you can find deals.

Huge difference in small bathrooms. It made a big difference in the heat output in my mid 60’s home size bathroom. Wife loves the difference but you must get quality ones bright enough and the color tone you like or not worth it.

I like LED, just did not like the undercabinet ones. I have LED floods in my living room ceiling and I like the light there.

Around here that’s referred to as “afro engineering”.
So the cord just hangs there??

No, I added 1 more light to the left and the cord is for that. I installed 10 lights total all on 1 switch.

Haha, if you met my wife you’d know a visible cord wouldn’t fly in her kitchen;-)