Under cabinet lighting

I need some help with undercabinet lighting.

It is plugged into 110 outlet in basement. Does this step down the voltage?

Are the wires/slices outside of junction boxes acceptable. Can the wires be unprotected?

Thanks, was searching this board but did not see much on under cabinet lighting.

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David I started threads about this twice in the last few months and may be the only guy here calling it out.
You have two kinds of pucks and that is kind with a transformer which needs to be outside the wall or 110 v which is often stapled with uninsulated staples that become a safety hazard.
I have material I am compiling for a blog on this stuff as it is not addressed as of yet so I will be the first.

Look at the actual puck and you can read which type you have.

If that is 110 it is all wrong for sure.

Do you have any Hippie, electrical verbiage on under cabinet wiring that I may use?

Here are a few tips.

The wiring is not like doorbell wiring. Low Voltage lighting that operates at 12V or 24V has a lot of current - 10 times that of 120V lighting, current causes wire to burn. So the installer needs to keep that in mind and gauge the wire properly

Certain transformers are UL listed to be recessed into the wall, they need to have an IC rating, but they can achieve this if desired.
n mind and gauge the wire properly

Never hide a transformer in a wall or ceiling space that will get covered with paneling or drywall. The transformers must be in open view so they can be serviced or replaced. Keeping them in the open helps provide the needed ventilation. You can place them above dropped ceilings so long as the ceiling tiles can be removed and the transformer is in plain sight.

Dave I narrate most verbiage using custom comments suited to my clients I will see if I have anything canned on that as I store canned only for research purposes.

Nothing like search as you type:)

Open splices are permitted on class 2 conductors. The transformer should be listed as having a Class 2 output. This is really no different than having open splices on Class 2 thermostat or zone valve conductors.

I made a call to an electrician in my area that seems to know what he is doing. (I know you know what you are doing, sometimes I wonder what I am doing)

I may be not understanding but he said it made a difference on if it had a transformer or not. He stated if just plugged into an outlet it would may need to be corrected. Splices/wires. Sounds like there are 2 basic types.

Next time I need to take a better look at the plug in connection.

I had on last month where they ran the 110v conductors through conduit and double insulated the appliance cord in the wall.

I think many if not most are installed incorrectly that I have seen and they keep getting more popular.

BE, the cord shown in your pic looks like the 10ga LV cable that is used with the Seagull Ambiance series of LV UC lights.

Correct me if I am wrong, but since this is a “plug-in” installation, and not ‘hard wired’, the appliance type cord is not allowed to penetrate walls, floors, etc…?

Correct and how about cabinet to cabinet through drill holes.
Two kinds remember.110v and 12 or 24 v with high current.
The 12 and 24 use a transformer so it is important to look at the puck and read the label.

What exactly is the puck you keep referring to? I never played hockey.

“Bob-speak” for the transformer.

OH My I feel like I wasted time helping.
Are you not speaking and asking in regard to halogen PUCK LIGHTS.

I don’t recall that being mentioned anywhere in this thread. I could be wrong.

By the pic’s posted, I envisioned florescent lighting.

He was talking step down transformers and how could Dave not know what Puck lights are plus they are the most common installed today.

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