Educate me on this older panel

Newby here. 4 pt inspection. 1964 home. I’ve not run across this type of older panel so far. I do have a guy that helps me with electrical but would like more input please. How do I determine amperage, is Cu-Al ok, the cloth covered wiring, those handles? Is insurance going to threaten to drop client unless the update?

Maybe @rmeier2 can help?

There are fuses behind the pullout.

I don’t see aluminum. Probably tinned copper.

Jim, I don’t do 4 points for insurance inspections. Do you think this would pass one? Curious to know.

Not an inspector, sorry.

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No problem Jim. It’s apparent that you have a background and knowledge regarding electrical and I for one, appreciate the info you bring here.

Hard to make out if those are cloth or cloth jacketed wires pic #1.
I’m leaning to cloth.
Most likely built in the 50’s to mid 60’s.

What carriers find either obsolete or hazard for them to cover:
cloth wiring
fused main disconnect
FPE Stab-Lok

Most important is the wire, if it’s true cloth chances are the owner in sunk
May find someone to accept fuses.
Citizens Insurance (State run risk pool) changes their mind on stuff a lot.

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Can’t help you with the Florida 4-Pt thing, but if a normal inspection in my area, I would call out that panel as being outdated and rusted, and in need of upgrade. Wiring should also be evaluated by Electrician and likely upgraded, even if only within 12 feet of the panel as some areas require as a minimum.


So, next time should I pull those handles to view the fuses?

Most of the aluminum wiring I’ve ever inspected had thermoplastic insulation not cloth covered insulation. There is a lot to know when inspecting this installation, it’s doubtful that I would check the Satisfactory Checkbox in the Electrical Section on the Four Point Form. Most likely repairs by a licensed electrician will be required, and I would not speculate exactly what repair/replacement is required either.


Photo #1 has conductors that are rubber insulated, tinned copper. Regarding the service ampacity you would need to pull the fuse holder/disconnect to see what size fuses are in there.


I will state what I see and let insurance company make that call.